Acts of Liberation, LLP is a platform through which founding director Dr. Asantewa Sunni-Ali uses literacy, radical self-reflection, research, cultural immersion, performing and visual arts to empower, educate, and engage disenfranchised communities. 

Check out current Acts of Liberation projects, Black Seed and Seedz of Revolution, below.


Black Seed

Seedz of Revolution

Seedz of Revolution

Black Seed examines and documents the ways in which young people of African descent experience, perform, and create liberation for themselves and their communities. 

Black Seed endeavors to:  

1) reframe pessimistic narratives of Black childhood and Black children to narratives of optimism, resilience, and empowerment;

2) expand dominant narratives of 

Black nationalist and liberation movements

 to include young people; 

3) document and share revolutionary practices and strategies as tools for constructing a liberated future for African descended and other oppressed populations; and 

4) critically engage youth in participatory action research and artistic creation. 


Seedz of Revolution

Seedz of Revolution

Seedz of Revolution

Seedz of Revolution is a film documentary series and visual iteration of critical questions, concepts, and findings from Black Seed. 

Seedz refers to young people engaged in struggle for liberation. Seedz can be anyone aged twenty-one and younger as well as offspring (of any age) of revolutionaries. 

Revolution refers to:           

1) an ever-evolving and continuous process of dismantling oppressive systems; 

2) a positive transformation of individual lives, communities, and societies; and

3) a strive towards equity as it relates to gender, class, race, age, religion, and sexuality. 

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